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  Cartoon Logos and Mascot Characters

We've created literally hundreds of cartoon logos for businesses and companies all over the world. We started as a side business in 1981 and went live online in 1999. Since then we been the leading studio creating cartoon logos as our specialty.

Our logo designs are created by Shaggy Duck Studios d.b.a. The Curtoons Cartoon Company. Please enjoy the samples we have posted here and hop on over to Curtoons for dozens of more samples and custom design details.

Cartoon Bumble Bee Logo

Funny Bee Cartoon Logo

This whimsical cartoon bee design was created for a website. The design needed to be fun and had to elude to the discovery of online information. We did this using the bee character and the word buzz.
Cartoon Pilot Logo

Dancing Pilot Logo Design

Although this was not created as a business logo it was created as a personal design for one of our clients. We are often asked to create fun cartoon designs just to bring a smile to the recipient.
Mean Cartoon Fish

Meat Head Cartoon Fish

We are often asked to create multiple characters for clients. This mean cartoon fish was created as part of a series of fish with many different demeanors.

Company Cartoon Logo

Funny Business Logo

We were asked to illustrate this logo with a naked cartoon diver. We wanted to keep it clean and not show any body parts so we had him walking away with his bottom hidden by the leaves.
Polar Bear Logo

Jersey Cartoon Logo

Nothing says Jersey more than the mob. Jersey Joe's wanted a few mob looking cartoon characters for their shaved ice business. We created a couple of winter characters and made one of them a little suspect.
Cartoon Dog Logo
Funny Cartoon Logo Design
Custom Designs from $300 to $600

This client wanted a cartoon dog design that showed a dog being restrained. We came up with the image of the character reaching the end of his rope.

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