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  Paper Greeting Cards

We've had a fun little greeting card studio for years. As part of our card service, we've drawn the cartoons, written the gags, printed the designs, folded the cards and mailed the packeges. At one time our ChuckleBerry's Paper Cards were in stores all over the country.

We've since slowed down a bit and no longer print our cards ourselves. We've actually moved our cards online to several different Internet stores. Most of our funny and birthday card designs can be found at Zazzle and EnGreet.

Coffee Addict Card

Coffee Addict Greeting Card

Buy this card online now... $3.45 or less.
We were trying to capture the ultimate coffee addict and we think we got it. This crazy coffee drinker sends morning salutations to any friend.
Wine Lover Birthday Card

Wine Lovers Birthday

Buy this card online now... $3.45 or less.
You'll have to click on the cards to find out what the funny sayings are inside. This card design is perfect for any wine lover. Great for a birhtday or friendship.

Funny Happy Birthday Card

Old Fart Birthday Card

Buy this card online now... $3.45 or less.
Our most famous cartoon turned into our best selling birthday card. This great over-the-hill card brings a smile to everyone that reads it.


Funny Birthday Card

Crazy Birthday Card

Buy this card online now... $3.45 or less.
A funny birthday for those that like to party. The ultimate morning after greeting. We create more birthday cards than any other subject.
Halloween Greeting Card

Halloween Holiday Cards

Buy this card online now... $3.45 or less.
We've written gags for all of the major holidays. Browse our entire collection on one of the websites that currently hosts our cards. We hope to add more and get back into wholesale cards.

My enGreet Cards

Paper Greeting Cards $3.29

Paper Birthday Cards & Greetings
We have our ChuckleBerry's greeting cards uploaded to several online card stores. One of our favorite stores is EnGreet.
The more you buy, the more you save. Our paper cards can be purchased in bulk and sold at retail prices. Check out our card website to learn more about ordering cards.
License ChuckleBerry's Cards
We would love to help you sell your own cards. We will license our card designs, supply you with the art and let you brand and print your own cards. Many stores can print cards much cheaper than having to order them.
We envision seeing ChuckleBerry's Paper Cards as our main business in the not so distant future. Let us know if we can create a custom birthday card design for you.
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